As an over 30-years of practical work experience,
As a leading IP firm in the field of overseas applications,
As a professional partner for our client’s IP matter,
E. M. HWANG & PARTNERS strengthens the global patent competitiveness of Korean companies!

Since its foundation in 1982, E.M.Hwang & Partners has provided high-quality client-centered services relating to IP for various clients including small and medium-sized enterprises and venture enterprises as well as leading companies in Korea, and has made efforts based on a high-level of specialized knowledge accumulated for over thirty years so that our clients could be effectively informed about their IP.

Euy Man Hwang, our representative attorney, has made efforts for stabilizing the job invention policy by giving lectures across the country with Sumyeong Cha, the commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, aiming at raising awareness of the intellectual property in Korea. Along with this, Hwang has actively given lectures at leading companies such as Hyundai motors, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery, SK, SKC, LS networks, etc to raise their awareness of the patent right. Also, Hwang has made efforts to raise public awareness of invention by giving a lecture on the topic of “What is invention?” at Korean TV Channel, TBS.

E.M.Hwang & Partners has built broad and strong networks with Intellectual property law firms from all over the world for the years and served clients high-quality intellectual property counseling by utilizing these networks.

In addition to the existing areas such as patent to protect intangible assets, trademark, copyright, and license contract counseling, E.M.Hwang & Partners has been expanding its practice areas such as online business, new technology, entertainment, etc.

We believe that we could reach today’s E.M.Hwang & Partners as a result of recognition from clients. We promise that we will do our best to be recognized as the best IP law firm.

In the future, E.M.Hwang & Partners promises to make greater efforts based on our high-level of specialized knowledge and practical experience so as to get recognition as the top office in Korea.