[News] Visited CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022
  • Date : 2022/05/03
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Sung-pil HWANG, Executive Vice President of E.M.Hwang & Partners visited in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 as the world's largest information and communication technology (ICT) and home appliance exhibition, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Approximately 500 Korean business partners participated in CES 2022. The Korean companies were the second-largest participants after 1,300 companies of the United States. In addition, there were many start-up companies among the Korean participants in CES 2022.

This time CES Eureka Park was full of Korean startups. KEA (Korea Electronics Association) along with KOTRA had encouraged many startups to participate in CES by operating the Korea Pavilion together with Busan, Seongnam, and Changwon. For the first time, Samsung Electronics introduced the items of startups selected through ‘C Lab’, an in-house venture incubation program.

Numerous startups were able to participate in CES 2022 due to the support of the Korean government and companies. The national power of Korea is creating many opportunities for progressive and enthusiastic young people.

There were many participants unfamiliar with English. Nonetheless, Sung-pil HWANG could watch them improve day by day for three days just by their side, such as their attitude toward customers and communication skills. He said that it made him feel lots of things, and he added that it was a ‘valuable education’ to create these educational opportunities and to realize the idea of changing the world through their experiences.

Hope that the Korean startups had gained valuable experiences for the future of Korea at CES 2022.
In addition, hope that more Korean startups with great ideas will participate in CES 2023.

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